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Today, a ship officer has numerous of marine navigation equipment which makes his life a lot simpler, thanks to the advancement in technology.  Moreover, present-day sailors are trained so as to know the functioning and operation of all modern day navigational equipment that has made the journey at sea smoother and safer. With modern day facilities and automation, a ship today has several advanced navigation equipment systems which give accurate data for the voyage.

Intelligent Bridge Control is the latest generation of Integrated Navigation System (INS). It combines the broad palette of individual navigation components in one seamlessly developed navigation and bridge system. The INS covers full workstations with Radar, ECDIS and Conning, various sensors for target detection, heading, position and further navigation data as well as steering control systems with standardized user interfaces. The INS is based on the know-how of navigation systems which are well known for their outstanding precision and reliable design.

There are 10 important sensors in navigation system: Radar, GPS, AIS, Gyro Compass, Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Auto Pilot, Directional Finder, ECDIS and Anemometer (Weather Station).


The VisionMaster FT Radar series from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provides innovative marine navigation tools and support for safe navigation and collision avoidance, under all maritime conditions. The VisionMaster FT Radar is part of ARPA radar series, a reliable and easy to use range of products that incorporates innovative technology. VisionMaster FT Radar delivers clear radar images in extreme weather conditions, increased operating efficiency and safety at sea for all classes of vessels.

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GPS & AIS (Transponder System)

The R5 Supreme NAV products are self-monitoring and extremely user friendly. The R5 Supreme NAV system utilizes the highly versatile R5 CDU and, with an option of R4 Sensors and antennas, it represents one of the most flexible navigation systems on the market.

The R5 Solid is a single box solution for Automatic Identification System (AIS) on board a vessel. The Solid version of the R5 technology provides the user with a flexible, future proof product. It is easy to install and operate and has a variety of interfaces for connection to other systems.

The Saab R5 Supreme AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels and advanced applications such as Secure and Warship AIS. It fully utilizes our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is in operation aboard some 20,000 ships worldwide.

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Gyro Compass

Teledyne TSS has been manufacturing gyrocompasses producing an invaluable chain of experience and knowledge that can only be established through true product development. In combining traditional gyrocompasses with motion reference systems, AHRS (attitude and heading reference systems) were introduced, an now building upon reliable and high performaning FOG (fibre optic gyro) technology, TSS offers a collection of AHRS systems designed for a multitude of operations. Subsea systems are designed for installation onto a wealth of ROVs whilst the surface systems are suitablefor ship navigation onboard a variety of vessels and for specific survey vessels requiring high grade accuracy for hydrographic survey.

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Speed Log & Echo Sounder

Dual axis Doppler Log DL850 indicates speed in dual axis in water and above bottom, it could even indicate speed in three axis (Docking function), both for water speed and speed above bottom. DL850 have built in echo sounder and watertemp readout. SKIPPER EML224 is a dual axis elektro magnetic log which indicate speed in dual axis and sea water temperature. The EML224 is now also available with a Compact Display in 1 or 2 axis. Both systems are wheelmark approved.

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Auto Pilot

Autopilot systems developed and manufactured by Raytheon Anschütz are based on proven steering algorithms that have been well known by seafarers for outstanding steering performance and reliability for decades.

NautoPilot 5000 is the latest autopilot series which has been specially designed for all ships of 100 m length and above. NP 5000 provides heading control, and course control and is part of a track control system. It combines best steering performance with lowest rudder activity for less fuel consumption. In addition it allows an intuitive operation and provides a perfect feedback about the steering performance.

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Directional Finder

The RT-500-M is a multi-band direction finder system that operates on all frequency bands used for rescue missions. This direction finder automatically monitors the emergency frequencies 121.500 MHz, 243.000 MHz and 406.028 MHz (Cospas-Sarsat) as well as channel 16 of the marine band. The bright TFT display permits a clear overview of all direction finder information and operating parameters. A convenient menu structure makes it possible to adapt the RT-500-M direction finder system to the needs of the user. Various interfaces (LAN, NMEA RS-422, RS-232) facilitate integration of the direction finder system in legacy or planned system environments.

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ECDIS is a computer-based navigation information system compliant with latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts. An ECDIS system displays the information from electronic navigational charts (ENC) and integrates position information from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), gyrocompass, speed log, other navigational sensors, radar and automatic identification systems (AIS). Transas delivers a full range of type-approved ECDIS solutions that can be stand-alone or part of the Integrated Navigation Systems or Multifunctional Display i.e. Radar, Conning, Bridge Alarm Management, Track Control in one workstation. Transas ECDIS provides easy and unique possibilities for customization.

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