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Scientech is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronics Lab Equipment. Education, Training and Skill Development training solutions for general-purpose electronics, electrical, science, physics, wireless communications, microwave communication and optical communication. The Company meets customer needs with a wide-ranging of educational learning lab solutions. Scientech is having a strong customer base with a great reach, contacts and has our own identity and space in education. Solutions are in demand worldwide wherever practical education is at utmost importance and electronics labs equipment is mandatory.

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MP-Scientific supplies Education and Training Equipments, Test Measurement and Lab Equipment, and Electronic Components to facilitate your learning and research work related with various laboratories such as Analog Electronics Lab, Automation Lab, Control and Instrumentation Lab, Digital Electronic Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Embedded, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology Lab, Fiber Optic Lab, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab, Physics Lab, Power System Lab, Renewable Energy Lab and Telecommunication Lab.

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