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Capacitance Meter Model 11020

Capacitance Meter Model 11020

The Chroma 11020 Capacitance Meter is a high-speed precision Capacitance Meter. Provides 100Hz, 120Hz, and 1kHz tes t f requencies. Measurement time is only 5 milliseconds in 1kHz, and less than 15 milliseconds in 100Hz and 120Hz test frequencies. Combine with 0.1% basic accuracy and standard Handler interface, enable the Chroma 11020 can be used on high speed production line for various capacitors.

  • Key Features:
    • Test frequencies: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz
    • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
    • High measurement speed: 5ms in 1kHz, 15ms in 100Hz/120Hz
    • Large LCD display (240x64 dot-matrix)
    • Wide measurement range: 0.1pF ~ 3.999F
    • Standard Handler interface
    • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
    • Setups backup function