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Maritime Communication Equipment & Solutions

GMDSS infrastructure for Sea Area A1/A2/A3;

  • VHF Radios
  • MF/HF Radios
  • Immarsat
  • VoIP Radio Communication System
  • NAVTEX transmitting station for broadcast (MSI)
  • AIS and VHF Direction Finding integration
  • GMDSS Management Software that allows the operator to fully manage the system
    (e.g. DSC management, Navtex Texting, and so on)

Maritime Navigation Equipment & Solutions

Today, a ship officer has numerous marine navigation equipment which makes his life a lot simpler, thanks to the advancement in technology.  Moreover, present-day sailors are trained so as to know the functioning and operation of all modern-day navigational equipment that has made the journey at sea smoother and safer. With modern-day facilities and automation, a ship today has several advanced navigation equipment systems that give accurate data for the voyage.

Intelligent Bridge Control is the latest generation of Integrated Navigation System (INS). It combines the broad palette of individual navigation components in one seamlessly developed navigation and bridge system. The INS covers full workstations with Radar, ECDIS and Conning, various sensors for target detection, heading, position, and further navigation data as well as steering control systems with standardized user interfaces. The INS is based on the know-how of navigation systems which are well known for their outstanding precision and reliable design.

To develop an Integrated Navigation System: Radar, GPS, AIS, Gyro Compass, Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Auto Pilot, Directional Finder, ECDIS and Anemometer (Weather Station) should be comprised.



ECDIS is a computer-based navigation information system compliant with latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts. An ECDIS system displays the information from electronic navigational charts (ENC) and integrates position information from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), gyrocompass, speed log, other navigational sensors, radar and automatic identification systems (AIS). Transas delivers a full range of type-approved ECDIS solutions that can be stand-alone or part of the Integrated Navigation Systems or Multifunctional Display i.e. Radar, Conning, Bridge Alarm Management, Track Control in one workstation. Transas ECDIS provides easy and unique possibilities for customization.



Installation Services