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With intrinsic jitter of less than 100 femtoseconds for extremely accurate device characterization, the DSA8300 Series provides comprehensive support for Optical Communications Standards, Time Domain Reflectometry and S-parameters. The DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope is a complete high-speed PHY Layer testing platform for data communications from 155 Mb/sec to 400G PAM4.

Key performance specifications

  • Low time base jitter:
    • 425 fs typical on up to 8 simultaneously acquired channels
    • <100 fs on up to 6 channels with 82A04B phase reference module
  • Industry’s highest vertical resolution – 16 bit A/D
  • Electrical resolution: <20 µV LSB (for 1 v full range)
  • Optical resolution from <20 nW for the 80C07B (1 mW full range) to <0.6 µW for the 80C10C (30 mW full range)
  • Optical bandwidths to >80 GHz
  • Electrical bandwidths to >70 GHz
  • Over 120 automated measurements for NRZ, RZ, and pulse signal types
  • Automated mask testing with over 80 industry-standard masks
  • Complex jitter/noise/BER/SER analysis (80SJNB), support for complex measurements TDECQ 1, SNDR 2 (applications)

1Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Quaternary for PAM4.

2Signal-to-Noise-and-Distortion Ratio.


Key features

A wide variety of optical, electrical, and accessory modules support your specific testing requirements.

Optical modules

  • Optical modules that support optical data rates from 155 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s to PAM4 for 50G/100G/200G/400G
  • Optical reference receivers (ORR) 1 support specified requirements for standards-mandated compliance testing
  • High optical sensitivity, low noise, and wide dynamic range of the optical sampling modules allows accurate testing and characterization of short-reach to long-haul optical communications standards
  • Fully calibrated clock recovery solutions – no need to manually calibrate for data pick-off losses
  • Calibrated extinction ratio measurements and variable correction ER measurement ensure accuracy and repeatability

Electrical modules

  • Very low-noise electrical samplers (280 μV at 20 GHz, 450 μV at 60 GHz, typical)
  • Selectable bandwidths 2 allow the user to trade-off sampler bandwidth and noise for optimal data acquisition performance
  • Remote samplers or compact sampling extender module cables minimize signal degradation by allowing the sampler to be located in close proximity to the device under test
  • High-performance integrated TDR (10 ps typical step rise time) supports exceptional impedance discontinuity characterization and high dynamic range for S-parameter measurements to 50 GHz


  • Jitter, noise, and BER analysis of high-speed PAM4 and PAM2 NRZ serial data rates from <1 GBd to 60 GBd provides insight into precise causes of eye closure
  • Analysis of PAM4 signals with comprehensive jitter, noise and BER analysis for each individual PAM eye, and a set of global measurements that assess the overall PAM4 signal attributes
  • 100G-SR4/Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure (TDEC) automation provides turn-key testing and debug of TX Optical properties key to the SR4 Short Reach Ethernet
  • 80STDEC streamlines high performance Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure (TDEC) measurement making it ideal for manufacturing and conformance validation applications
  • Automated mask testing with over 80 industry-standard masks. New masks can be imported into the DSA8300 to support new emerging standards. Users can define their own masks for automated mask testing
  • Jitter, noise, BER, mask testing, and Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) are provided through the 80SJNB Essentials and Advanced Software Application Options
  • Advanced TDR analysis, S-parameter measurements, simulation model extraction, and serial link simulation capabilities are provided by the IConnect® Software Application options
  • 400G-M4 Optical Manufacturing Analysis Software provides Optical Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Quaternary (TDECQ) analysis

High test throughput

  • High sample acquisition rate up to 200 kS/s per channel
  • Efficient programmatic interface (IEEE-488, Ethernet, or local processor access) enables high test throughput

1Optical Reference Receiver (ORR) is a 4th-order Bessel-Thompson filter, with a frequency response and tolerances as defined by the standards. Tektronix optimizes the response for best nominal fit and highest quality mask test results.

2Refer to the 80E00 Electrical Sampling Modules datasheet for detailed descriptions of each available module.


  • Design/Verification of telecom and datacom components and systems
  • Manufacturing/testing for ITU/ANSI/IEEE/SONET/SDH compliance
  • High-performance true-differential TDR measurements
  • Impedance characterization and network analysis for serial data applications including S-parameters
  • Advanced jitter, noise, BER and SDLA analysis
  • Channel and eye diagram simulation and measurement-based modeling with IConnect.