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Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer Model 13100

Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer Model 13100

The Chroma 13100 Electrolytic Capacitor ORDERING INFORMATION Analyzer is a general measurement instrument designed for analyzing the features of electrolytic capacitor s. It has multiple func tions that can be programmed based on the capacitor features by altering the settings to test metal oxidization thin-film withstand voltage, capacitor leakage current, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance and equivalent serial resistance, etc.

Used with the special designed sequential switch test box A131001, it can complete the test for multiple capacitors or aluminum foil rapidly, accurately and simultaneously in a short time without changing any test wire.

Key Features:

    • C meter provides Z/C/D/Q/ESR parameters for test
    • Available 7 test frequencies from 100~100kHz for selection
    • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
    • The thin-film withstand voltage results can be displayed in graph by converting them to an actual rising curve
    • CPK calculation function for 1000 capacitor test results that is convenient for analyzing the production capability
    • 320 x 240 dot-matrix LCD display
    • 200 sets of internal memories and 4M SRAM interface card for saving and recalling the parameter settings
    • Designed for100mΩ range with accuracy measurement up to 0.1mΩ
    • Non-Relay switch is built in. It is safe and reliable as the discharge circuit is close to the fixed power
    • Perform electric polarity test before charge to avoid the danger of explosion
    • Softpanel for leakage current data statistics analysis
    • Equipped with RS-232, printer and scanner controller interfaces
    • Meet the test regulation of EIAJ RC-2364A
    • A131001 scan box has four terminals designed for measuring accurate high frequency and low impedance