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FX 87

DWDM Tunable Laser Source (TLS)

The FX87 DWDM TLS can be tuned to any G.694.1 channel on the 50 GHz frequency grid over the C-band spectrum. Test applications include verifying end-end wavelength routing and troubleshooting passive Multiplexer and Demultiplexer network elements. Optimized for Fiber Deep, Metro and Core networks employing DWDM technology.

Key Features

  • Low Cost, Hand Held Tunable DWDM Laser Source
  • Fast Boot-up time and laser stabilization (< 5 seconds)
  • Full C-Band tuning (> 80 channels @ 50 GHz spacing)
  • Broadband Optical Power Meter (OPM)
  • Monochrome LCM, 128 x 64 pixels, LED backlight display
  • Li-Polymer rechargeable battery, > 8 hours operation
  • Up to 1920 single wavelength records
  • Non-volatile storage for > 900 measurements
  • USB (wired) or optional Bluetooth (wireless) interface for test result transfer
  • PC software for OPM data transfer and report generation
  • Upload of stored results to VeEX R-Server workforce management system or Fiberizer™ Cloud via LT-Sync PC software
  • Rugged, polycarbonate case with impact resistant rubber boot, 1 meter drop tested
  • Splash and dust resistant keypad