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Hipot Analyzer Model 19055/19055-C

Hipot Analyzer Model 19055/19055-C

The Chroma 19055 Series Hipot Analyzer is designed for Hipot test and analysis. It has a maximum output power of 500VA, a maximum AC output of 5kV/100mA, and Floating output for EN50191 requirements. (Please refer to the application notes for more detail information.)

The 19055-C includes ACW/DCW/IR tests, but also has a new measurement technology; Corona Discharge Detect ion (CDD). In addition, the Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Analysis can detect faults as follows;
- Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV)
- Flashover Start Voltage (FSV)
- Breakdown Voltage (BDV)

Key Features:

  • 500VA output power
  • Floating output complies with EN50191
  • Corona Discharge Detection (CDD, 19055-C only)
  • Flashover Detection
  • Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Analysis
  • High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC)
  • Open Short Check (OSC)
  • Ground Fault Interrupt
  • Standard RS-232 & HANDLER interface
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • Key lock when fail
  • Programmable voltage & test limit
  • Support for the A190301 8HV Scanning Box


  • Hipot
    - AC 5kV/100mA
    - DC 6kV/25mA
  • Insulation
    - 5kVmax
    - 1MΩ~50GΩ