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MG3690C RF/Microwave Signal Generator

MG3690C RF/Microwave Signal Generator

The MG3690C series of broadband signal generators covers audio, HF, VHF, UHF, RF and microwave frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 70 GHz in single coaxial output and up to 500 GHz or beyond, with external multipliers. In addition, it is easy to operate either through intuitive front panel controls or remotely via GPIB or Ethernet connectivity. Thus, the MG3690C series is an ideal signal source for both RF and microwave requirements, fully configurable for simple to high performance applications.

The MG3690C offers three levels of SSB phase noise performance; Standard, Ultra low phase noise (option 3) and Premium phase noise (option 3X). The MG3690C also has an optional full suite of modulation capabilities including AM, FM, Phase and Pulse to address simple to complex signal simulation requirements.

MG3690C RF/Microwave Signal Generator


  • Industry Best Broad Frequency Coverage1 Hz to 70 GHz in a single coaxial output
  • Three tiers of Phase Noise performance to address simple to complex applications
  • Industry Best Pulse Modulation 100 ns leveled pulse widths with 10 ns resolution along with the ability to generate, single, doublet, triplet and quadruplet pulses
  • Fast Switching Speed 5 ms (typical)
  • Full Analog Modulation Internal and external AM, FM, Phase and Pulse modulation
  • High Output Power
  • Highly Configurable
  • Highly ReliableStandard 3-year warranty