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MS2035B VNA Master + Spectrum Analyzer

MS2035B VNA Master + Spectrum Analyzer

Touch Screen Convenience in the Race for Affordable S-Parameters

The VNA Master MS2035B with added Spectrum Analyzer is compact in size and high in performance field rugged Vector Network Analyzer. Providing true vector error corrected S-parameter data, this analyzer is easy to use with large, high resolution (800 x 600) touch screen display, and depending on the model and options, capable of much more than just VNA measurements. Industry leading DANL and Phase Noise performance. Standard capability includes 1-Path, 2-Port VNA measurements, with a standard, user selectable GUI mode which allows the user to choose between the standard VNA S-parameter format or a more simplified Cable and Antenna analyzer format known as “Field Mode”. Both modes deliver the same high level of measurement precision and accuracy which the VNA Master products are well known for. Additional options extend functionality even further, making the VNA Master much more versatile in the field and eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments.

MS2035B VNA Master + Spectrum Analyzer


VNA Master (500 kHz to 6 GHz)

  • 2-port, 1-path Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with convenient Touch Screen
  • Exceptional RF immunity
  • 100 dB Transmission Dynamic Range
  • Vector Voltmeter option, ideal for cable phase matching

+Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz to 6 GHz)

  • Dynamic Range: > 95 dB in 10 Hz RBW
  • DANL: –162 dBm (1 Hz)
  • Phase Noise: –100 dBc/Hz max @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz
  • Frequency Accuracy: < ±50 ppb with GPS On
  • Detectors: Peak, Negative, Sample, Quasi-peak, and true RMS
  • Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty)