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MX280010A Remote Spectrum Monitor SpectraVision™ Software

MX280010A Remote Spectrum Monitor SpectraVision™ Software

While options for SpectraVision must be purchased, SpectraVision provides a number of basic functions available free of charge.  Features for the basic version include methods for establishing a communications link to the remote spectrum monitor, enabling various controls and settings, marker functions and other basic services as shown in the bullet points below.

  • Control of various Spectrum Monitor parameters including frequency settings, RBW/VBW, attenuator control, preamp control and many others
  • Establish remote communications with the spectrum monitor, DNS setup
  • Set up Max Hold, Min Hold, various marker capabilities
  • Configurable Spectrogram and Spectrum Density plots with various chart controls
  • Threshold masks with both lower and upper limit capabilities
  • Automated alarm capabilities for threshold mask violations
  • Record/Replay capabilities to capture snapshots and measurements and view on screen
  • Zoom capabilities to easily focus on frequency bands of interest

MX280010A Remote Spectrum Monitor SpectraVision™ Software


  • Windows PC based software application suite
  • Establish 2-way communications with Anritsu remote spectrum monitors
  • Monitor frequencies continuously, set threshold alarms
  • Satellite Signal Analyzer  (option 471)
  • TETRA Signal Analyzer  (option 464)
  • Channel Scanner  (option 467)
  • Signal ID (option 472)
  • Signal ID Advanced (option 473)
  • Power Monitor (option 474)


    • Satellite operators monitoring signal quality and detecting interference
    • Monitoring frequency channels for utilization; maximum and minimum power levels
    • Checking frequency band occupancy rates
    • TETRA operators monitoring signal quality on their frequency channels
    • Signal identification