NEM Solutions

VeEX provides the global communications and data networking industry with test and measurement products and services that enables efficient development, deployment and management of high-performance optical networks. Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) can benefit from advanced traffic generation and analysis specifically designed for R&D, SVT/QA, production, remote and automated testing environment. In addition, VeEX offers field portable solutions for NEM pre and post sales support.

MPA®Multi-Protocol Analyzer Modular Test Platform

The MPA® Multi-Protocol Analyzer is an advanced packet optical transport traffic generation and analysis platform specifically designed for the demands of R&D, SVT, and manufacturing testing environments. The MPA provides simultaneous independent multi-port testing from 1G to 400G for Ethernet/IP, OTN & SDH/SONET and Fibre Channel.

Advanced and flexible FPGA based test modules provide future proof hardware support for emerging standards. Supports license based test options.

The following test module options are available:

Test Modules