VWR® Professional Hot Plate Stirrers

Rugged and compact magnetic hotplate stirrers are ergonomically designed and provide uniform heating surfaces. Powerful, microprocessor-controlled motors and magnets deliver reliable and consistent stirring. Robust heaters bring samples to the desired temperature quickly and efficiently. Many units are equipped with independent LED displays for temperature, speed, and time, and enhanced electronics regulate heating and stirring and store last used settings for repeat procedures. The low-profile design of many of these magnetic hotplate stirrers makes them easy to store and fit into fume hoods.

Designed for applications requiring exceptional accuracy, stability, and repeatability, VWR® Professional Hot Plate Stirrers are equipped with an exclusive safety system that helps protect both the operator and sample.

Excellent temperature uniformity
Digital display for temperature, speed, and time
Cool touch, chemical-resistant housing
Includes an RTD temperature probe kit
Exclusive five-year warranty
Available with a NIST Traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate from Troemner
Industry Leading Safety Features