VWR® Disposable Serological Pipets, Polystyrene, Sterile, Plugged

Pipets serve as repetitive media dispensers in chemistry, biology, and clinical testing environments. With different manual or automated designs, any desired liquid volume is transferred safely. Utilizing an aspirating vacuum or positive displacement to draw and release fluids, reusable or disposable pipets have different accuracy levels. Created to facilitate specific pipetting methods and contents, the precision instruments feature different tips, capacities, and material manufacturing.

VWR® Disposable Serological Pipets are manufactured from polystyrene and are supplied sterile and plugged.

Calibrated to deliver
Color-coded for quick identification
Equipped with ascending, descending, and negative graduations

Polystyrene construction for sterile serological and tissue culture applications. Easy-to-read black ascending and descending graduations simplify fluid measuring and dispensing. All pipets feature negative graduations for extra working volume, and are color-coded for quick size identification. Accuracy is ±2% at full volume.