Anritsu 3D in-building coverage mapping solution

Integrating NEON’s capability to automatically collect geo-referenced test data with Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer products saves valuable time and money by

Eliminating the need to manually perform “check-ins” at each test point by automatically calculating indoor location
Providing vastly more data than is possible with manual processes by recording data with every step
Removing typical data recording errors caused by “guesstimating” locations in large buildings through automatic indoor location and path estimation
Delivering actionable data in areas not easily analyzed such as stairways and elevators by recording and referencing measurements in 3D
Enabling quick analysis of signal coverage and faster problem resolution by delivering the industry’s only geo-referenced 3D visualization
Providing color-graded measurement results in 2D and 3D views. Measurement values can be seen by clicking on each point. A .csv file of all measurements is also provided