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PA3000 Power Analyzer

PA3000 Power Analyzer

The Tektronix PA3000 is an ideal 1- to 3-phase power analyzer for testing high efficiency power supplies, LED drivers, home appliances, inverters, and drives. Use it to analyze and document true power, power factor, efficiency, energy consumption, and harmonics to the latest regulatory standards, such as Level VI, Energy Star, CEC, IEC 62301 and more.

PA3000 Power Analyzer

Key features and specifications

  • One to four channels support single and three phase applications
  • 10 mW standby power measurement
  • 1 MHz bandwidth
  • 1 MS/s sampling rate
  • 16 bit A/D
  • Harmonic analysis to 100th order
  • ±0.04% basic voltage and current accuracy
  • Measurements to 30 Arms and 600 Vrms Cat II (2000 Vpk)
  • USB and LAN interfaces standard (GPIB option)
  • Free PWRVIEW software
  • Full color graphical display for intuitive readouts of measured values, waveforms, harmonics, and energy integration plots

The essential power measurement tool for R&D and validation

  • High accuracy supports testing to Level VI efficiency standards for external AC/DC power supplies
  • Dedicated energy consumption testing in integration mode for standards like Energy star and CEC
  • Complete solution for full compliance testing to IEC 62301 standby power requirements
  • High 1 MHz bandwidth supports the LED module energy certification requirements of CQC-3146 as well as harmonic analysis of designs with higher fundamental frequencies
  • More than 50 standard measurement functions, including harmonics, frequency, and star-delta computation
  • Multiple analog and digital inputs for sensor data such as thermocouples, speeds sensors, and torques sensors
  • Built-in ±15 V supplies for external transducers to support high current applications


  • AC/DC power supplies and LED drivers
  • Appliances and consumer electronics
  • UPS systems, inverters, and DC/AC conversion systems
  • Wireless battery charging

Three phase motors and drives