The trainer is a miniature 4 floors provides realization of elevator control system for real modern elevator. The system consists of base plate, elevator car, elevator car’s travel limit structure, call request indicator, elevator car’s door, control/interface panel, dc motors, sensors and elevator car’s drive structure/system. Various function of elevator are studies such as signal acquisition, car’s door operation, control system and visual indication. Signal acquisition is such as up/down call request, floor request signal, leveling detection, position detection and elevator car open/close, up/down position limit protection. The elevator car able to travel up and down, car door open and close, arrival and departure and etc. Visual indication is to indicate the car’s position, travel direction, and the response of call and request. 2mm or 4mm sockets are used to connect the trainer with the PLC or microcontroller to control the operation of the elevator. Students will learn PLC (or microcontroller) programming and control, sensors applications, position control, switching control, sequential logic control and etc.
Link : http://www.mp-estore.com/ELEVATOR-TRAINING-SYSTEM-AL-PLC-ETS02.html