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RFTS system

Remote Fiber Test System ( Fiber Monitoring System )

Network Operation Center (NOC) receives Alarms & Customer complaints

Transmission equipment seems good, so it must be the fiber...

Which rack and fiber? Where is OTDR? Who to dispatch? CO, OSP or CP technician?

Work starts but we are digging in the right place, will we damage something else?

Crew dispatched with map and OTDR. I think I know more or less where to go

Great, finally found a map and OTDR. I hope the OTDR has the right configuration

Fiber Network Fault Finding
  • Without Monitoring > 6 hours
  • With Monitoring < 5 minutes
Fiber Outages cost $$$$
Optical Switches for Fiber Network Monitoring

Part of the VeSion™ system, the OX4000 series optical switches provide reliable, fast, and repeatable performance. Units can be controlled via built-in keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS).

The OX-4000 in tandem with the OXA-4000 to increase available monitoring ports when more than 128 ports required.

Optical Test Access Unit for Fiber Network Monitoring

VeEX® OXA-4000 series optical test access unit is used with the RTU-4000 fiber probe to support network monitoring of dark or in-service fiber networks. The OXA-4000 provides reliable, fast, and repeatable performance and is controlled via RTU-4000.

Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS)

The Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) comprises the RTU-4000 platform with the RTU-4100 OTDR optical test module. The RFTS monitors optical fiber infrastructures in Core, Metro, Access and FTTx/PON networks, improving workflow and reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).