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SDH network testing simplified

The TX150/E+ is a compact and ruggedized tester for installing, commissioning and troubleshooting SDH, SONET, PDH, T-Carrier and G.703 64k Codirectional networks. Configuration of the test setup is simplified by the color touch-screen, test system block diagram and intuitive menu structure and shortcuts. Electrical and optical signal levels, alarms, errors, overhead byte analysis and generation, histogram, and other test criteria and results can be quickly accessed with a stylus. The TX150/E+ supports SDH/SONET, PDH, DS3 and DS1 signal mapping and multiplexing structures making it suitable for a global customer base. In addition, ITU performance measurements, E3/E1/DS3/DS1 pulse mask analysis, complete error/alarm injection, APS, Service Disruption, Tandem Connection Monitoring, Pointers, Trace Identifiers, >2000 test results storage and field changeable LiIon battery are all packed into this field friendly unit weighing in at less than 1kg. The TX150/E+ is also the industry’s first handheld SDH/SONET/PDH/T-Carrier Analyzer to offer Triple Play service verification functions on the standard Ethernet LAN interface. The unit can be remote controlled for monitoring applications and other offsite or remote tasks.


The TX150+ is available in two hardware versions – TX150+/TX150E+ (red) and TX150+/TX150E+. Before downloading software from the links on this page, identify the correct hardware of your unit by the color of the plus "+" sign on the front LED panel. For the TX150/TX150E+, click here to download the applicable software.

Key Features

  • Intuitive presentation of measurements with test graphics
  • High resolution color touch-screen viewable in any lighting conditions fitted with protective cover
  • Robust, handheld chassis packed with powerful and flexible features for demanding environments and test conditions
  • Optimized for field engineers or technicians installing and maintaining SDH networks transporting legacy and next generation Ethernet services
  • Ethernet port and connection for back office applications, workforce management and triple play service verification
  • User defined test profiles and thresholds enable fast, efficient and consistent turn-up of services
  • USB memory stick support and FTP upload capability for test result storage and file transfer respectively
  • Maintain instrument software, manage test configurations, process measurement results and generate customer test reports using included ReVeal™ PC software
  • Extend field testing time using interchangeable LiIon battery pack/s. Greater battery autonomy provided in standby mode
  • Supports advanced IP testing; Ping, Trace route, ARP Wiz, IPTV, Web browser, and FTP upload/download via Ethernet or USB port where applicable
  • Perform remote testing and monitoring using the remote control option via standard Ethernet interface