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Handheld Oscilloscopes MS200 Series

Handheld Oscilloscopes MS500 Series

Compared with other oscilloscope brands, Micsig oscilloscope more focus on details quality guarantee and good user experiences. In terms of HHO oscilloscope MS200, high quality double injection mould not only makes people feel good on hardness & elasticity, also has functions of high IP level; This series has two designs including oblique leather belt design & carried in neck design; Meanwhile, it takes 5.7’’ TFT LCD, 640*480 pixels industry touch screen so that it shows clearer and more delicate in waveform; Moreover, it also supports indoor & outdoor display mode, making it more convenient in field operation. Furthermore, easy disassembling 6000mAh Li-on battery  can make user continue to work up to 7 hours even though in outages situation.

  • Scope Meter and Recorder
  • 50K waveform capture rate
  • Display
  • 3 operations way
  • 31 types automatic measurements
  • Cursor
  • Dynamic Range
  • Indoor and Outdoor Display
  • Free Scopesuitte Software
  • Detachable Battery