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Handheld Oscilloscopes MS500 Series

Handheld Oscilloscopes MS500 Series


In handheld oscilloscope market, I am afraid that only Micsig handheld multi-function oscilloscope can be regarded as a true oscilloscope and others can be called scope only.

Moreover, it’s function no less than desktop oscilloscope, as it designs lightweight and uses double injection plastic mould making oscilloscope high IP level; Real leather belt design, exclusively detachable battery design & supporting indoor & outdoor display mode make it become your good assistant in field working.

Using 5.7 inches 640*480 pixels industry TFT LCD touch screen; Supporting button, touch and scroll wheels operation mode; Integrating scope, meter & recorder in one unit; Up to 190,000wfm/s capture rate & 240Kpts memory depth; Supporting including CAN,LIN,SPI,I2C,UART,1533B and 429 serial bus trigger & decode functions.

Handheld Oscilloscopes MS500 Series

  • Isolated Input Channels
  • Serial bus trigger and decode
  • 190,000wfm/s Capture Rate
  • Display
  • 31 types of auto Measurements
  • Dynamic Record
  • High quality accessories probes
  • Free Scopesuite software
  • Detachable Bttery