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Microwave Universal USB Power Sensor MA24218A

Microwave Universal USB Power Sensor MA24218A

The MA24218A power sensor is designed to provide fast, accurate average power measurements from 10 MHz to 18 GHz over 80 dB of dynamic range. The sensor employs a patented "triple path" architecture that provides True-RMS measurements (similar to thermal sensors) over the entire frequency and dynamic range, enabling users to make highly accurate average power measurements for CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signal up to 18 GHz.The sensor employs high-performance digital processing that enables best-in-class measurements speeds, including >1,600 continuous power readings/s continuous and >11,000 buffered readings/s.

A unique, low noise design eliminates the need to zero the sensor before taking measurements for most applications.

The sensors have internal and external triggering capability that facilitates individual slot power measurements of TDMA waveforms as well as burst power measurements of periodic and non-periodic waveforms.

The sensor can be controlled with a PC via remote programming commands or with PowerXpert™, a free of charge software application. These sensors are also compatible with most Anritsu RF and microwave handheld instruments. The high accuracy power meter software option (e.g., Option 19) may be required.

The best-in-class damage protection combined with the silicone protective covering give the sensor increased ruggedness and enable users to protect their investment.

Microwave Universal USB Power Sensor MA24218A


  • Frequency range: 10 MHz — 18 GHz
  • Power measurement range: +20 dBm — -60 dBm
  • True RMS measurements – modulation independent
  • Fast measurement speed: >1,6001 readings/s continuous, >11,000 readings/s buffered1
  • Able to accept high power levels before being damaged: +30 dBm CW, +34 dBm 10 µs
  • No zero required*
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Compatible with Anritsu handheld instruments
  • Silicone protective covering for additional field durability
  • Worldwide calibration and service centers

* for signals > -45 dBm
1 Speed may vary depending on the speed of the CPU controlling the sensor