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Smart Oscilloscopes STO1000C Series

Smart Oscilloscopes STO1000C Series


Micsig STO1000 series smart oscilloscopes adopt the innovative operation way, mixing full touch operation, buttons and knobs operation, and both ways mixed, which brings you a new user experience.Ā It is not a traditionalĀ bench oscilloscope any more, big capacity lithium is a really good choice in filed using. Up to 28Mpts memory depthĀ and maximum 80,000wfm/s capture rate helpĀ you to solve more problems.Ā Ā  Ā 

As an entry level oscilloscope, STO1000 series is your first choice always.Ā 

Smart Oscilloscopes STO1000C Series

  • Up to 28Mpts memory depth
  • Up to 80,000wfm/s capture rate
  • Serial bus trigger and decode
  • 31 types of auto measurements
  • Wifi, APPS, PC Software and HDMI Support
  • Mouse Operation
  • Software Keyboard
  • 8G Storage
  • Bottom Menu Fast Operation