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Battery Simulator Model A170202

Battery Simulator Model A170202

For the products developed to connect batteries for use, if the battery is not ready or unable to be provided due to high cost, the 17020 battery simulator can be used to confirming the product functions during development. The applications of battery simulator include motor drives within the car system, OBC, D-D convertor or charger within the CSS system and products of DC bus, etc.

Key Features:

  • Multichannel battery packs state simulation.
  • Follow the battery cell curve behavior to simulate battery state.
  • Able to set frequently used parameters for battery pack and rapidly customize initial output state.
  • Regenerative battery energy discharge function, power saving, environment-friendly and low heat output with 85% efficiency.
  • Up to 60 channels can be paralleled for large current request.
  • Operating mode: Constant Current/Constant Voltage/Constant Power discharge
    - 600W, 1.25kW, 2.5kW, 5kW,10kW, 20kW, 30kW, 50kW, 60kW power per channel
    - 20V, 60V, 100V, 200V and 500V voltage modules
    - 2600A maximum current (paralleled)
  • Dynamic current charge and discharge simulation.
  • Highly accurate current and voltage measurement.
  • Smooth and rapid current charge and discharge switching without interruption.
  • Current smooth without surge when altering charge and discharge mode (CC-CV-CP).
  • Independent channel protection function.