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Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17030

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17030

Chroma's 17030 is an automated regenerative test system specifically designed for high power battery pack tests. Accurate power sources and measurements ensure test quality suitable for repetitive and reliable testing of crucial battery packs. Applications include incoming inspections capacity validation, production and certification testing.

Key Features:

  • Supports high power battery certification : IEC, SAE, GB, etc.
  • Regenerative battery discharge, Saves energy, environment-friendly and provides low heat dissipation
  • Driving cycle simulator
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • 10ms Data acquisition
  • Charge / discharge mode
    - Constant Current
    - Constant Voltage
    - Constant Power
  • Customized rating power
    - Voltage range:10~1200V
    - Current range:0~1000A
    - Power range:90~500kW
  • System Integration:
    - Chamber Control
    - Multi-channels voltage/temperature measurement (Max 256CH)
    - BMS Communication