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Nvis-6000 Electrocity Lab

Nvis-6000 Electrocity Lab

Nvis 6000 Electricity Lab Equipment is a versatile Training System for the laboratory. It is designed such that all the basic electrical circuits can be tested. The experiments given with electricity lab kit will develop a clear understanding of series and parallel circuits, electromagnetic induction, coil behavior with AC and DC circuits, diode and transistor characteristics etc. This simple training system provides a strong platform for detailed studies in electricals and electronics.

  • Stand-alone operation
  • Durable, Easy to use kit
  • Includes all the Basic Electrical fundamentals
  • Solderless connections
  • Complete set of coils and cores to understand the Basics of Electromagnetic induction and Transformers
  • Provided with a component box to perform all the experiments
  • CBT covering all the experiments
  • Online product tutorial