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Scientech-2132A Understanding Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Scientech-2132A Understanding Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Scientech 2132A Understanding Dual SIM Mobile Phone TechBook is a unique, self contained, easy to operate, training platform that demonstrates the complete arrangement of a 2G Dual SIM GSM handset to understand the working of the mobile phone.
Scientech 2132A Understanding Dual SIM Mobile Phone TechBook is the perfect product for today's global technical professional. One of the main features of the TechBook is its real time signals. This realistic classroom training TechBook introduces the user to the fundamental of 2G Dual SIM GSM mobile equipment and clears the concept of underlying GSM technology in simple way. The Keypad of mobile handset, SIM sockets and User Interface section of the mobile phone i.e. Vibrator, Buzzer, Microphone, Speaker, Hands free port and display LEDs have been exposed onboard with switched faults creation facility and 58 test points for signal observation and detailed study. Also its attractive features and self-explanatory multicolored chart containing useful technical information will help user in creating a full understanding of dual SIM mobile phone system.

  • Ÿ Real time mobile operation Ÿ
  • Operates on dual band frequency network (GSM 900/ DCS 1800) Ÿ
  • Colour TFT display Ÿ
  • Full understanding of Dual SIM mobile phone working Ÿ
  • Provides study of all sections in Dual SIM mobile phone Ÿ
  • Tx/ Rx frequency measurement and band verification Ÿ
  • 2G technology GMSK signal Ÿ
  • Detail study of User Interface Control signals Ÿ
  • Detail study of Dual SIM operation Ÿ
  • Battery identification and charging study Ÿ
  • Switched faults