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DLPLC-SX1 Single-capacity Tank Training Object

DLPLC-SX1 Single-capacity Tank Training Object

The system is combined PLC, liquid level sensor and solenoid valve together.Switch control and timing logic control on solenoid valve and water pump by collecting sensor signals to complete liquid level switch and close-circuit automatic control.This device is applicable to the senior vocational college students, and higher institutions to study the programmable controller, application training, students and staff training. It can not only meet all institutions of higher learning, vocational school of PLC experiment teaching and related course design, the requirements of the assessment, and can also be used as engineering and technical personnel training equipment.

  • Total dimension: 352×210×500 mm
  • Input power: single-phase AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output power: DC 24V
  • Capacity: < 200VA