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DLSKP-C802S22 CNC trainer lathe machine(real object) (Siemens system)

DLSKP-C802S22 CNC trainer lathe machine(real object) (Siemens system)

CNC system adopts Siemens 802S series,biaxial linkage,the main axis frequency conversion control, X-axis Z-axis adopt three-phase hybrid stepping driving system.The system consists of intelligent assessment system,CNC training bench and physical CNC lathe. It not only can act as maintenance training system of CNC lathe electrical wiring,but also act as actual processing device of CNC lathe.The system has electrical fault and maintenance assessment function of CNC lathe,the assessment system uses DLWW-GX2.0 system assessment methods,it uses dynamic database link technology,and it can link students' information, students' achievement,paper management,test programs,failure library etc.

  • Working power: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Capacity: < 5KVA
  • Safety protection: leakage protection (action current≤ 30mA) over current protection, overload fuse protection
  • Total dimension: 1580×500×1630mm
  • CNC lathe technical parameter:
    • The largest rotary diameter on lathe body: 350 mm
    • The largest rotary diameter on turret: 150 mm
    • The fastest moving speed of workingbench: 4000 mm/min
    • Maximum cutting feed speed: 2000mm/min