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Smart Manufacturing (flashlight) Automated Production Line Training System

Smart Manufacturing (flashlight) Automated Production Line Training System

Courses Involved

  • The principle and application of the sensor
  • Production Automation and Manufacturing Systems
  • Electrical Control and PLC
  • Electromechanical Transmission and Control
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Computer Control System
  • Inverter Technology and Application
  • Industrial Fieldbus
  • Process Control
  • Industrial Configuration Software Technology
  • Industrial Robot
  • CNC machining
  • Mechanical Design Basics
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic

Course coverage

  • 4.1 Robotic operation: hardware connection of the robot (body, control cabinet, teach pendant, etc.);
  • 4.2 Robot teaching board debugging and computer debugging;
  • 4.3 Robot I/O communication (defining digital input and output signals); I/O signal monitoring and operation; robot program creation and programming; robot Ethernet communication function;
  • 4.4 CNC machining: CNC system debugging; machining process design; programming process;
  • 4.5 Visual guidance: communication settings between visual inspection and PLC; supporting visual software debugging;
  • 4.6 Radio frequency identification: RFID and PLC communication settings; RFID wiring, signal acquisition;
  • 4.7 Programming control: drawing of electrical schematic diagram ,program flow chart; programming and debugging of programmable controller; application of programming software;
  • 4.8 Communication control: Ethernet communication control; network system configuration and topology layout; PLC total/slave setting; communication between PLC and RFID and robot; variable communication between PLC and man-machine interface;
  • 4.9 Motor drive: servo motor positioning speed control; frequency control of three-phase gear motor;
  • 4.10 Sensing detection: installation, wiring, signal acquisition and debugging of photoelectric sensors, inductors, capacitors, Hall and other switching sensors
  • 4.11 Mechanical assembly: application of assembly tools, measuring tools, mechanical accessories; installation and commissioning of linear actuators, timing belt pulleys, mechanical axes with support optical axes, fixtures, etc.
  • 4.12 air path construction: the drawing of the air path diagram, the construction of the air path and the installation and debugging of the pneumatic actuators, such as the blocking cylinder, the three-axis cylinder and the wide air gripper;
  • 4.13 Low-voltage power distribution: wiring and debugging of buttons, indicator lights, circuit breakers, relays, tower lights, etc.
  • 4.14 Human-computer interaction: interface drawing and variable debugging of man-machine configuration, application of configuration software;
  • 4.15 Understand the diagram and wiring: wiring tools, wiring accessories, wire number identification; signal wire, power line wire docking.
  • Design and application of FANUC numerical control system (machining center, CNC lathe, CNC machining center)
  • Robot application research
  • Network communication technology and bus technology
  • Configuration monitoring and human-machine interface technology
  • Servo control technology
  • Design and application of Siemens PLC
  • Sensor technology and application
  • Pneumatic control technology
  • Motion Control System
  • Mechanical structure training technology
  • Fault detection technical skills training