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XK-ARM1 High Performance ARM9 Embedded Training Kit

High Performance ARM9 Embedded Training Kit

The experiment box structure, adopt the way of  the combination core board and the backplane , the integration of the most common interface, and preset bus interface and interface line resources, suitable for our expansion.

Main parameters:

Size: 415 x 285 x 105 (mm);

The power supply: single-phase AC 220 V 50 Hz or 45 VA.

Main composition:

Samsung S3C2440AL; 64 MB SDRAM , 256 MB Nand Flash, 2 MB Nor Flash, RS232 interface, 485 interface, CAN interface, RTC interface, a buzzer interface, AD interface, IIC interface, audio input, audio output, SD card, the usb main interface, the usb interface,  ps / 2 interface, IDE interface, network interface, 4 x4 keyboard interface, led interface, VGA interface, TFT LCD interface, infrared interface, camer interface.

Main functions:

Embedded software development experiment, basic interface experiment, embedded operating system experiment.

Annex: Experiment download line, experiment jump line, commonly used tools, software disc, the product specification.

Training project

1)  The ARM development environment the understanding of the ADS debugging

2)  ARM assembly instructions experiment

3)  The Thumb assembly instructions

4)  The ARM processor work model experiment

5)  C language program experiment

6)  Assembly and c language call each other experiments

7)  LED lamp control experiment

8)  The frequency PWM points

9)  SPI communication experiment

10)  Serial experiments

11)  RS-485 communication experiment

12)  The I2C reading and writing the experiment

13)  CAN the experiment

14)  The RTC experiment

15)  AD experiment