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DLSKN-X802D031 Intelligent CNC Milling Machine Comprehensive Training System

DLSKN-X802D031 Intelligent CNC Milling Machine Comprehensive Training System (Semi-physical)

CNC system adopts Siemens SINUMERIK 802C base line,X-axis,Y-axis,Z-axis are drived by servo motor,spindle motor is driven by frequency converter.This device organically combines the machine's electrical parts with mechanical parts,it consists of CNC system,frequency conversion spindle system,electrical control panels,power control section,ect.
The device can complete a number of teaching and training like CNC system installation,parameter setting,fault diagnosis and maintenance,assembly and debugging, CNC programming and Machining operation.

  • Parameters of the workbench:
    • Working power supply: three-phase,five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
    • Control power supply: DC 24V
    • Capacity: < 5KVA
    • Safety protection: leakage protection (action current≤ 30mA) over current protection,overload fuse protection
    • Dimension: 1460×800×1700mm
  • Milling machine semi-physical parameter:
    • Workbench moving stroke : X 120mm, Y 120mm, Z 150mm
    • Maximum moving speed of the table: 3000mm/min
    • Maximum spindle speed :1400r/min 25W
    • Milling machine semi-physical dimension: 740×540×730mm