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DLWD-TBDJ01 Synchronous Motor and Synchronous Generator Trainer

DLWD-TBDJ01 Synchronous Motor and Synchronous Generator Trainer

The Synchronous generator /motor group is composed of the three-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase synchronous generator (motor), speed measuring device, power supply part and display device. The motor group can do combined training, can also do the training alone. It can finish the speed measurement and AC generation experiments of the synchronous motor.

  • Design reasonable, easy to use and convenient.
  • Motor terminals are connected to the safety terminal terminals, both convenient and safe to use wiring.
  • Measure the speed of the motor
  • can complete the DC motor speed and direction of rotation changes
  • The Technical parameters
  • The input voltage: three-phase five-wire system AC380V ± 10% 50HZ
  • The working environment: temperature range is -5 ~ 40 ℃
  • The device capacity: AC <1KVA
  • Dimensions: length × width × height = 800x200x200mm
  • The total power control: with overload and short circuit protection, DC24V DC power short circuit protection.
  • equipped with AC380V safety terminal leads and DC24V safety terminal, facilitate the efficient use of power
  • adjustable power supply: armature power: DC0-220V 2A Excitation power supply: DC220V 1A