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Parking training system

Parking training system

The Parking System is a didactic system for the study of parking management inspired by a real industrial parking application. The system consists of two entry and exit barriers. Parking is an automatic system with sensors and actuators; the command can be provided, depending on the choice of the user, either by a computer or a microcontroller.

  • Robust steel case;
  • Height: 284 mm;
  • width: 550 mm;
  • Length: 550 mm;
  • Weight: 8 kg;
  • Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
  • Power <100W
  • Motor control voltage: 24v;
  • Processor voltage: 5v;
  • Temperature: -10C ~ 60C;
  • Environmental humidity: ≤90% (25C)
  • PC connection: USB port