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Scientech-2261A Antenna Training System

Scientech-2261A Antenna Training System

The desktop Antenna Training System Scientech 2261A has been specially designed for Technical universities and Skill development centers. It is very useful for introducing practical verification of antenna operation to the students. It is designed so that students can take readings and plot polar graphs themselves. The learning content provides theoretical concepts and detailed procedure of experiments with each type of antenna. The training system includes various antennas, a transmitter unit and a detector unit along with other accessories packed in a convenient carrying case. All the antennas are made by high conducting rods with chrome finish for long durability and mounted on the glass epoxy PCB for easy mounting and dismounting. The Antenna Training System also comes with Motorized Antenna Unit to automate the recording of the radiation pattern of the antennas. The Motorized Antenna Unit is Microcontroller based PC interface system for capturing, displaying and printing of Antenna radiation pattern. A Windows based software plots the radiation pattern which displayed on PC screen. The PC communication is via Serial port.

  • Self-contained simple and student friendly platform
  • Hands on set-up for measuring and plotting radiation
  • Patterns of 22 different types of Antennas
  • Built in RF & Modulation Generators
  • Antenna Characteristics and SWR Measurement
  • On board RF & Tone generators
  • Antenna matching stub
  • Transmitting and receiving levels observed on built- in meters
  • Polar graphs (2 types)
  • “Antenna kit” for fabricating special antenna
  • Microconroller based high precision DC stepper motor
  • Automatic home position setting
  • Instant & real time plotting of radiation pattern
  • Antenna rotation resolution 1°
  • PC Interface - RS232 (Serial port)
  • Radiation pattern plotting software (Windows compatible)
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight