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Scientech-2272A Downlink Receiver and Transponder

Scientech-2272A Downlink Receiver and Transponder

Scientech 2272A Satellite Communication platform provides an indepth study of basic Satellite Communication system. It consists of Uplink Transmitter, Satellite Link and Downlink Receiver, which can be conveniently placed in the laboratory. The Satellite can be placed at an elevated, position if needed. The Satellite Transponder receives signal from Uplink Transmitter and retransmits at different frequencies to a Downlink Receiver. The Uplink and Downlink frequencies are selectable and can have variety of signals such as Video, Audio, Voice, Tone, Data and Telemetry (Temperature and Light intensity).

  • Simultaneous communication of three different signals
  • Communicate Audio, Video, Digital data, PC data, Tone, Voice, function generator waveforms etc
  • 2.4GHz Band PLL microwave operation
  • Communication of external broad band digital signal
  • Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies
  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone for Voice and Audio link
  • Remote detection of Light intensity and environment temperature
  • Detachable Dish Antenna at each station