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DLXNY-DCH01 Power Battery Management System Test Bench

DLXNY-DCH01 Power Battery Management System Test Bench

The foundation of the device is pure electric vehicle battery pack management control system, it can dynamic monitor each individual cell voltage, dynamic evaluate battery capacity, dynamic monitor battery pack temperature, dynamic display all the battery-pack information, key real-time processing, dynamic monitor total loop current, dynamic alarm indicator, charging real-time control.

Experimental board is equpped with power switch, BMS battery management control unit, BMS information display, emergency stop switch, Jog switch, 12V switching power supply, charge and discharge outlet, power detection terminals, etc. it can detect electrical power control signal on the panel directly, such as resistors, voltage, current, frequency signals.

It has centrifugal blower and PTC auxiliary heater inside the experiment table, to simulate discharge load of the battery when the car running.

Experiment table uses ordinary 220V AC power, convert to 12V DC power supply by internal circuit transformer rectifier, no need batteries, reduce the trouble of charging, 12V DC power supply has anti- short circuit fucntion.

  • Power supply : AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Working Voltage : DC 12V
  • Working Temperature : -40℃ ~+50℃
  • Total dimension : 980×660×1400mm