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XK-SXJD-S Sensor and Detection Technology Training Device

Sensor and Detection Technology Training Device

This sensor and detection technology training device, can operate various sensor (like air sensor, weight sensor, flow meter, decoder, limit switch, infrared lamps) transmitter, industrial use instrument and automatic detection project experiment operation, also can operate data collector application and upper software programming training.

Training bench technical indicator

(1) Size: L*W*H=1500*730*1430(mm)

(2) Power supply: single phase AC220V±10% voltage, frequency 50.60Hz, power<50VA.


Experiment power supply:


(1) ±12V DC voltage source, capacity 1A

(2) ±5V DC voltage source, capacity 1A

(3) 1~24V adjustable DC voltage source, capacity 1A

(4) 4~30mA constant current

(5) DC24V voltage source, capacity 1A

(6) AC24V voltage source, capacity 1A

(7) Dual AC12V AC voltage source, capacity 1A

(8) DC ampere display meter : input range 0~250mA.

(9) Voltage display instrument : input range 0~50V.


Experiment bench accessories


(1) Data collector: PCI1203, 32 way AD, 2 way DA, 16 ways digital input, 16 ways digital output, assorting data collector software and application example.

(2) Tool box: include three bit half digital multimeter, small cross screwdriver, small slot screwdriver, side-cutting piller, nipper pilers

3) Experiment jumper line: 200mm, 400mm, 600mm each length 10 pcs

(4) Experiment manual 1 book