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DLXNY-FL01 Wind Power Generator Training System

DLXNY-FL01 Wind Power Generator Training System

Product Description.

DLXNY-FL01 type wind power generator training system is mainly composed of wind power equipment, wind power system, the inverter and the load system, monitoring system. DLXNY-FL01 wind power training system uses modular structure, each devices and systems with independent functions ,can be combined into a wind power generator training system.

Equipment features.

The system uses a vertical structure, the panel using standard patch board, experiment module is fully exposed, a strong presence, can quickly make learners into the learning roles, complete closed-loop control mode allows users to operate more humane. The wind complementary training system adopt ARM control system,a high-performance control type, can full-intelligent control the battery charging & discharge and draught fan brake. Off-grid inverter module boot the front end of an 8-bit MCU driving control, front and rear axles output MOS FET imported to make more stable performance. We can provide a stable learning process 220V pure sine wave AC power. Wind power generation training system that allows students to disassemble and assemble, move, easy to use, no noise, no pollution.

  • Dimension:Wind power unit 1578×1950×1540mm
  • Training cabinet 3200×650×2000mm