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XK-S998 Sensor Practical Training Instrument

Sensor Practical Training Instrument

It includes dozens typical sensor and related processing circuit. Standard with thermometric indicator, more perfect experiment. More compact structure, small and convenient, high precision experiment, monitor

Sensor technical parameter

Resistance strain sensor: constitutes with BHF KFR, six working piece, two balance plates.

Thermal type (thermocouple) sensor: series connect by two copper constantan thermocouples and simulate cold end temperature as environmental temperature.

Inductance type (differential transformer) sensor: a transparent hollow coil constitutes by a primary, two secondary coils winded, iron core is soft magnetic ferrite, measuring range 0~12mm.

Eddy current sensor: stranded enameled wire pancake coil and various measured metallic swirl vane, linear range ≤3mm.

Hall sensor: HZ type Japanese JVC liner type semiconductor Hall piece, put in circuit type magnetic steel gradient field, hall signal linear range >3mm.

Electromagnetic type sensor: constitutes with coil and movable iron (permanent magnetic steel), sensitivity 0.4V/m/s.

Piezoelectric speed up sensor: PZT-5 bimorph and copper quantity piece. f≥10kHz,Q charge >20pc/g.

Capacitance type sensor: constitutes with two group stator and one group rotor plate formed differential change area of capacitor, linear range ≥±3mm.

PN junction temperature sensor: using semiconductor PN junction good linear temperature voltage characteristic made measuring temperature sensor. Sensitivity: -2mV/ degree centigrade

Thermistor: semiconductor thermistor NTC: temperature coefficient is negative, 10kΩ when 25  degree centigrade

Piezoresistive pressure sensor: range 35KPa, power supply: ≤4V,MPS type piezoresistive pressure sensor.

Fiber sensor: fiber, emission, receive circuit formed light type sensor, linear range 10mm. infrared ray emission, receive, 2*60 stock Y type, half circuit distribution.

Air sensitive sensor: Tp-3 sensitive to alcohol, measuring range: 50~2000ppm.

Humidity senor: macromolecule thin film type resistor type: RH: several MΩ to several KΩ, response time: moisture absorption, dehumidification less than 10sec.

Humidity coefficient: 0.5RH%/ degree centigrade , measuring range: 10&RH-95%RH, working temperature: 0-50/ degree centigrade

Pyroelectric infared sensor: far-ultrared electric-heat tube

Photoelectric sensor: constitutes with optical coupling Darlington output and waveshaping circuit. N=2400r/min

Silicon cell: Si daylight colour

Photoresistance: cds material, several Ω to several KΩ

Photosensitive diode