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Scientech-2501A Optical Fiber Communication

Scientech-2501A Optical Fiber Communication

Scientech 2501A Optical Fiber Communication TechBook demonstrate simplex method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an Optical fiber. The TechBook demonstrates the properties of Simplex Analog and Digital Transreceiver, characteristics of Fiber Optics cable, Modulation / Demodulation techniques, Bit Error Rate measurement and observation of Eye Pattern. A large number of experiments are included in the workbook and many more can be performed using Scientech 2501A.

  • Simplex Analog and Digital Trans-receiver
  • 660 nm channel with Transmitter & Receiver
  • AM-FM-PWM modulation / demodulation
  • On board Function Generator
  • On board Clock & Data Generator
  • On board Bit Error Counter
  • Crystal controlled Clock
  • Functional blocks indicated on-board mimic
  • Input-output & test points provided on board
  • On board voice link
  • Built in DC Power Supply
  • Numerical Aperture measurement jig and mandrel for bending loss measurement
  • Switched faults on Transmitter & Receiver