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DLXNY-WP01 Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Generation System

DLXNY-WP01 Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Generation System

Product Description.

DLXNY-WP01 type wind-photovoltaic hybrid power generation system is made up of photovoltaic power supply device, photovoltaic power supply system, wind power unit, wind power supply system, inverter and load system, monitoring system.It adopt modular construction,each device and system has independent function,can be composed into photovoltaic power generation training system, wind power generation training system. With this renewable energy lab equipment students can learn photovoltaic power generation, wind power knowledge etc.

  • Dimension:Photovoltaic power unit 1610×1010×1550mm
  • Wind power unit 1578×1950×1540mm
  • Training cabinet 3200×650×2000mm
Equipment features.
  • This system adopt three-dimensional structure and standard patchboard,experiment modular exposed completely,strong presence, makes learners into learning roles quickly, complete closed-loop control mode allows users to operate it more humane.
  • The wind-photovoltaic hybrid training system adopt ARM control system,a high-performance control type,can full-intelligent control the battery charging & discharge and draught fan brake.
  • Off-grid inverter module boot the front end of an 8-bit MCU driving control, front and rear axles output MOS FET imported to make more stable performance. We can provide a stable learning process 220V pure sine wave AC power.
  • Wind-photovoltaic hybrid training system can make student move and dismount this device by themselves,easy to use,no noise no pollution.